The idea of a Danish Legion supporting Germany in it's effort to fight Communism, was realized shortly after the German attack on the USSR on 22. June 1941. On 12. July 1941 Frikorps Danmark was officially called to live.
On 19. July 1941 more than 600 Danish volunteers was shipped to Langenhorn outside Hamburg in Germany and by the end of August 1941 the Frikorps Danmark contained more than 1000 volunteers.

The Frikorps Danmark was formed like an Infantery Battalion :

Frontline units   Replacement units
Stabskompanie   Ersatzkompanie
1. Kompanie   Ausbildungsstab
2. Kompanie    
3. Kompanie    
4. Kompanie    

Brief history of the Frikorps Danmark

August to September 1941 Frikorps Danmark is formed at the Langenhorn kaserneoutside Hamburg
Septemper 1941 to May 1942 Frikorps Danmark is trained in Treskow in Poland.
May to August 1942 Frikorps Danmarkis engaged in the fierce battle inside the pocket of Demjansk
September to October 1942 on leave in Denmark
December 1942 to March 1943 engaged in the fightings at Welikie Luki
20. May 1943 The Frikorps Danmark is officially disbanded and the surviving volunteers are transfered to the newly formed SS Panzer Grenadier Division Nordland. Most of the volunteers are placed in the SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 24 "Danmark"

Although the intention with the Frikorps Danmark was to create a pure Danish legion, a few members of the German Minority are known to have served in the unit. Some ended up in the Frikorps Danmark by a mistake and others were transfered to the unit to help train and translate between the Danish volunteers and the German training staff.

Because the Frikorps Danmark was concidered as a Danish legion, it raised massive protests inside the German Minority in Nordschleswig as volunteers from the German Minority were placed in the unit. In April 1942, due to a direct order from Himmler, all volunteers belonging to the German Minority in Nordschleswig were no longer transfered to the Frikorps Danmark and during 1942 the members from the German Minority in Nordschleswig already serving in the unit were transfered to other Waffen SS units.

Christian Peter Kryssing
(standing in the middle. photografed in his danish uniform in the early days of the Frikorps Danmark)

Kryssing was born 1897 in kolding in Denmark and died 1976 in Haderslev in Denmark.

Christian Peter Kryssing was an artilleryofficer from the Danish army and an ardent anti -Communist but not a member of the danish nazi party.
He became the first commander of the legion but was discharged as commander in february 1942 because of disagrrements between him and more nazi minded officers in the Frikorps Danmark.


Pages from a rare recruiting leaflet for the Frikorps Danmark


The arriving of the Frikorps Danmark in Langenhorn in August 1941


Frikorps Danmark in Langenhorn in August 1941


Feldpostletter from a Danish volunteer serving in the
3. Kompanie
Frikorps Danmark
The letter is dated February 1942, at that time Frikorps Danmark was stationed in Treskow in Poland.



Frikorps Danmark Soldbuch
Soldbuch from a Danish volunteer from Copenhagen
The nummer of the "Erkunnungsmarke" shows, that this volunteer served in the
1. Kompanie
Frikorps Danmark


Frikorps Danmark Soldbuch
Soldbuch from a Danish volunteer from Copenhagen.
This Soldbuch was issued by the
Ersatz Kompanie
Frikorps Danmark


Unknown soldiers from the Frikorps Danmark


2 graves from members of the
2. Kompanie
Frikorps Danmark
The grave to the left belongs to a member of the German Minority in Nordschleswig
Hermann Gottfried Langschwager
Born 23.05.1919 in Pattburg in Nordschleswig
Killed on 18.07.1942 at Korpowo near the Ilmensee in Russia


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